Startup Love is in the Air: Local startups Stuff’n Mallows and AllProWebTools close up a record-breaking holiday season this Valentine’s Day

Feb 4, 2015 | Member News

New Years may mark the end of the holidays for most businesses, but local startup Stuff’n Mallows hopes to extend the holiday sugar buzz through Valentine’s Day.

This has been Stuff’n Mallows’ first holiday season in partnership with AllProWebTools, a local software startup.  In December, they filled over $20,000 in orders from their new website and marketing campaign tools, far surpassing the holiday sales of past seasons.

The two companies are next-door neighbors at Innosphere, a technology incubation hub in Fort Collins, CO.  In early October of 2014, Stuff’n Mallows moved their website hosting and business operation to the AllProWebTools platform. Since then, their sales have doubled each month.  Both companies hope the trend will continue into February and beyond.

“We think this kind of local collaboration is crucial for the success of small businesses,” says Dave Kramer, founder of AllProWebTools.  “Our mission is to help small businesses grow by providing instant access to the data that matters so they can make better decisions.   Stuff’n Mallows has a creative, unique product, and we are glad that our software has been so helpful to them.”

Those familiar with Front Range entrepreneurs have most likely heard of Stuff’n Mallows – the Fort Collins-based startup with a passion for perfecting the s’more.  Founders James Schrack, Paul Jenkins and Tyler Krenzelok have developed a technique for stuffing marshmallows with chocolate chips, so the two get warmed, melted, and toasted together.

AllProWebTools is also a local startup, providing business management software to small business owners.  They have created a dashboard which integrates email service, an ecommerce platform, marketing tools, and employee productivity tools into one software solution.  Their clients include a number of small businesses along the Front Range, as well as others all over the country.

“(Stuff’n Mallows has) never done anything with a website before,” says Schrack of Stuff’n Mallows. “AllProWebTools has opened our eyes with how user-friendly and pain free it can be with minimal training. It becomes much more intuitive.”

Stuff’n Mallows uses a new tool invented by AllProWebTools, the Virtual Negotiator, to collect email leads and increase sales.  The Virtual Negotiator offers a coupon to all website viewers who enter their email address.  Successive coupons are sent automatically until a purchase is made, and the software tracks the sales in dollars generated from each email.  Stuff’n Mallows’ generated over $1,300 in sales from their first email campaign.

AllProWebTools has benefited from the partnership as well.  By meeting Stuff’n Mallows’ needs and adapting to their feedback, AllProWebTools improved their shipping manager tool.  In turn, Stuff’n Mallows didn’t have to spend this holiday season standing in line at the post office every day.

“The versatility with AllProWebTools is huge. You can take orders, manage marketing campaigns, design web pages, coordinate and delegate tasks to your team, all from one place,” said Schrack.

“We’re committed to providing tools that go above and beyond what small business owners know they need.  We want to educate our users to get real sales growth,” says Kramer.