Solar is an ultra-safe investment!

Jun 23, 2022 | Member News

Alt E Wind & Solar, Ltd. has become the premier solar energy service provider in Colorado. Working from a deep rooted set of core values, our team of dedicated professionals is committed to custom designing a solar panel system that meets your financial and environmental goals. The primary goal of Alt E Wind & Solar, Ltd. is to consistently provide the highest quality solar energy products and customer service available on the market today!

Most solar modules (solar panels) come with a 25- year power production warranty. This means that within 25 years, the modules will not produce less than a certain percentage of their original output capacity (typically these warranties state no less than 80-85% power production within 25 years). Additionally, when interconnecting to the grid, the customer will sign a 20- year contract with the utility company. This ensures the customer that no changes will be made to the value of the electricity their system produces for the life of the contract.

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