Snack Envy Capitalizes on Paleo Diet Craze

Jan 1, 1970 | Uncategorized

Contact: Diana Sproul, owner
Phone: 970-988-5413 (cell)
E-mail: [email protected]


Fort Collins, CO – Snack Envy, a provider of Paleo-style foods, announces the opening of its online business, giving snack options to people on special diets eat while traveling. Snack Envy assembles available shelf-stable foods into packages that can be shipped to work and vacation destinations. Paleo diet foods focus on high protein, low sugar, low grain foods, emphasizing protein and healthy fats. Snack Envy’s packs include grass-fed meats, wild fish, organic nut butters, and more. The goal was to help people on special diets eat while adventuring. These foods fit the CSU Professor Loren Cordain’s Paleo diet, Dr. McBride’s GAPS diet, and Dr. Haas’ SCD diet. The latter two seek to nourish, while lowering gut pathogen growth like C. difficile and H. pylori that can arise from antibiotics.

Founder Diana Sproul, “These snacks grew out of a need to feed myself while traveling to Florida theme parks and through airports. I was following a special diet to combat my own digestive issues, and it was difficult to find menu items that weren’t mixed with my allergens.”

Diana Sproul is a nutritionist and herbalist at her other company Transform Health. Website: www.SnackEnvy.Biz
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