We are hosting our first ever Vets4Life Fundraiser THIS Saturday November 10th from 7-10pm! As you know we are Veteran owned and what better way to celebrate Veteran’s Day weekend (and the Marine Corp Birthday) then with a fundraiser for a GREAT cause!

The Vets4Life organization was founded to honor the life of every service member by supporting them through any means at our disposal. In an effort to combat veteran suicide by enriching their quality of life through group activities, team building exercises, physical fitness programs, traveling, outdoor adventure, therapeutic support, as well as health and wellness progress.

We are thrilled to support this cause and hope that you are interested in supporting them as well! We are selling $20 prize give away tickets where you can be entered to win one of 16 different donated prizes by sponsors shown on the flyer. Some prizes include monthly Cross Fit memberships, Goodr Running Glasses and a custom Hydroflask, plus the chance to win the GRAND PRIZE of a 3-5 day trip to the destination of your choice (Anaheim, Las Vegas, Napa or San Diego depending on time of year, timeshare availability and room size)!

Plus we (Snack Attack) will be donating an additional $1 per tap beer sold during the night of the event! Our goal is to raise AT LEAST $1000!