Smokey’s Cannabis Co. Give what you CAN food drive for Larimer County

Mar 22, 2021 | Member News

Dates: March 1, 2021 – April 30, 2021
Robert Muller [email protected]
Larimer County groups and social organizations often host food drives to fill local food pantry shelves this time of year. By keeping a few simple tips in mind, you can enhance the value of the food donations you make. “It’s important to remember that donated food is most helpful if it is both safe and high quality,” Muller, Smokey’s Cannabis Co. Marketing Administrator. Make sure to check the dates on packages of foods that you donate, advises Robert.

Larimer County’s mission is to provide food to all in need through community partnerships and hunger-relief programs. To achieve their mission into the future, they have set an ambitious goal to provide 12.2 million meals annually – a 60+% increase – by 2035. To achieve that goal, they have been busy expanding their partnerships and adding new programming, including a mobile food pantry and Kids Cafe food truck. They are also working to expand their capacity and considering new opportunities for distributing food that will increase access to more neighbors needing food assistance both now and into the future.

Larimer County will provide 2 meals for every $1.00 donation on our virtual drive.

This is a list of accepted food for Larimer County Food Bank.
Canned meat/fish (chicken, salmon, tuna)
Canned Fruit in Fruit Juice
Peanut butter (non-hydrogenated oil)
Whole Grain, Low Sugar Cereal
Brown Rice
Whole Grain Pasta
Macaroni & Cheese
No glass containers, please. Do not donate foods that are past their expiration date.

Your donation only makes a difference in the life of someone in need if the product donated is within the date marked and of good quality. If you question the integrity of the product or wouldn’t feed it to your household—it is probably best not to donate it.

Are home-canned foods, fresh eggs or produce safe to donate? Food pantries often welcome donations of fresh produce. However, home-canned foods, meat, or eggs that have not been handled by licensed food processors should not be donated. “If you have a question about a proposed donation, contact the food pantry. Staff, there will be happy to discuss whether they can accept or store the donation that you have in mind,” suggests Robert Muller.

“Food pantry guests are extremely grateful for the help that they receive through the pantries. Pantry guests welcome your donations of safe, high-quality foods so that they can feed themselves and their households healthy, nutritious meals,” says Muller. Consider donating cash to food pantries. “Pantries can often get more for their dollars, address shortages and needs and focus on high-quality products with some extra financial assistance,” says Muller. “Cash donations help food pantries offer the widest possible array of products to the individuals that they serve.”

To make monetary donations please visit Smokey’s virtual food drive page at,!/donation/checkout

For more information please contact [email protected] today.