Small Business of the Year Annual Breakfast May 24, 7:30 AM, Drake Centre

Apr 17, 2018 | Uncategorized

Plan to join us on Thursday, May 24 at the Small Business of the Year Annual Breakfast. It will be at the Drake Centre, 802 W. Drake Rd.

The Chamber started this event in 2012 with the intention of celebrating all the small enterprises in the area and recognizing a small group of worthy companies.

In doing, we celebrate the wonderful things that characterize small businesspeople including courage, innovation, self-initiated and independent.

Ask people why they started their businesses and the answers vary. Some grew up around business. Others were desperate and started to work for themselves because other options didn’t exist. However, for most, it was a chance to pursue their own dreams and have more control over their work lives and the desire to not work for someone else.

These sentiments are sometimes followed with others like: I have to wear a lot of hats; or I have a lot of people who depend on me; or I’m always worrying about money.

But, according to a Constant Contact survey, when asked if they’d do it again: 84 percent of small business owners say ‘yes.’

They are pursuing their own version of the American Dream with all that entails, good and bad.

I hope you’ll put a hold on your calendar for the morning of May 24 and plan to join us in celebrating small business.