She Goes High She Goes High Financial Series

Jun 9, 2024 | Member News

Let’s talk about money!

Yes, that’s an exclamation mark… because money isn’t a bad thing.

For the next 2 months, She Goes High is hosting a financial series to give you more information about money… And we’ll do it without shame language or that weird patriarchy vibe that can sometimes come when talking about money.

✨ You’ll find out how money can be a Soulful topic and ways to bring up the money conversation when it comes to your financial compensation with Alison Proffit, owner of Proffit Coach, on June 5th.

💵 Align your money and values with Jenn Uhen, The Pledgettes founder, on June 18th.

💪 Reclaim financial power and control with Cora Lee Poole, founder of Undestructable, on July 3rd.

🔮 Examine your current financial picture to construct a brighter future for yourself and future generations with Norma Isela Barrandey of Stifel on July 16th.

If these topics get you a little curious, great!

If you’re a little squirmy, that’s ok too. We’re happy you’re considering this!

As we go through our financial series over these next 2 months; remember, you are valuable for being you… no matter how much money you have or how much money you earn.