Senior Helpers Expanding in Northern Colorado

Oct 6, 2020 | Member News

Over the past few months, Senior Helpers of Northern Colorado has grown as a company in a number of ways. First, the internal team, or administrative staff, has increased from just four people to seven people since March of this year. These new faces include two additional schedulers and one more staff member on the marketing team.

Out in the field, the Senior Helpers caregiving team has been growing as well. About 20 new caregivers have signed on and started making a difference during this difficult time. Through hiring, onboarding, and training new staff members, Senior Helpers of Northern Colorado has been doing its part with decreasing the unemployment rate amidst COVID-19.

In addition to the growth of staff, the office space has grown, too. With a larger, open area, the company intends to host more in-person training sessions in the future. It also intends to use the space to hold caregiver appreciation events.

Of course, the reason for hiring comes from the massive need in our community for in-home caregivers. The team at Senior Helpers, though incredibly busy, feels lucky that they are able to help others every single day. Whether caregivers are helping with essential daily living tasks or more advanced personal care, they are making a difference.

Senior Helpers will continue to hire so that it can meet the needs of the senior population in Northern Colorado. On top of that, the internal staff and caregivers will continue to work the long hours needed to provide some help and relief to the community. If you need a Senior Helper in your home, contact us at (970) 373-3858 or visit our website: