RETAIL SECTOR PARTNERSHIP – “Retail” Includes retail / restaurant / hospitality businesses –

Sep 8, 2020 | Chamber News

Contact Us to Learn More About the State of Colorado Retail Sector Partnership In Northern Colorado

We’re exploring if there is business – owner interest in creating a Northern Colorado retail sector partnership. This proposed sector partnership would have benefits to businesses, but does require a time commitment by the business owner.

A sector partnership is an alliance of companies from the same industry, intended to bring alignment, collaboration, and resources to solve the industry’s most pressing problems. Included in the alliance are resources such as education, workforce development, economic development and community organizations that bring expertise and focus to addressing key issues stifling the industry withing this labor market region.

Sector partnerships provide an opportunity for industry to work proactively to resolve and get ahead of key issues that are barriers to the industry’s growth and ongoing success.

They are employer-driven; they are regional, they are convened by a credible thirdparty; they act as a coordinating body across multiple education, workforce development, economic development programs and other programs; they create highly customized responses to target industry’s needs, and are therefore highly accurate, and effective in their work.

If you are interested in learning more, and possibly participating in this program, please contact Ann Hutchison, Fort Collins Area Chamber of Commerce Executive Vice President at [email protected].

From there, we’ll invite you to an exploratory zoom meeting Friday, September 18th from 3:00 pm- 4:00 pm