2019 Election Issues

The Fort Collins Area Chamber of Commerce has taken a position on City ballot issues that are critical to our current and future workforce, our quality of life and our economic future.

The Chamber is recommending a YES vote on the following issue:

  • CITY-INITIATED BALLOT ISSUE QUESTION NO. 1: Keep Fort Collins Great Tax Renewal
    • Since 2011, KFCG has funded both basic operations and other community priorities. Passed in the shadow of the so-called Great Recession, the tax was sold on the basis of keeping city government services intact through the crisis. So far, over the first 8 years of this tax, $188M has been spent.
    • The revenues from KFCG have been, by ballot, distributed to the following areas:33% Street Maintenance and Repair
      17% Other Transportation Needs
      17% Police Services
      11% Parks and Recreation
      11% Other Community Priorities
      11% Poudre Fire Authority• Data shows that the City of Fort Collins is in a strong financial position compared to peer cities relative to overall revenues, per capita revenues, and per capita expenditures.  Over the past 15 years, revenue to city government has grown by 35 percent, while population growth was a comparable 33 percent.  Some ongoing basic city services like police, fire, and streets are in part being paid for by this temporary tax. A permanent increase in the base sales tax rate by .60 percent can be justified for these services.  Additionally, a case can be made for an additional temporary quarter-cent tax for non-basic ‘extras.’ There are special one-time transportation projects and other programs that could use funding but are not long-term needs

The Chamber is recommending a NO vote on the following issue:

  • CITIZEN-INITIATED CHARTER AMENDMENT NO. 1: Councilmember Compensation
    • Who gets elected to City Council and their motives for running matters a great deal to business as many of the policy decisions council makes impact the business community both directly and indirectly. This charter amendment changes the basic governance structure in Fort Collins from the longstanding citizen-servant model to council members as full-time paid city employees.  As well, having seven politicians giving full-time attention to city government will dramatically increase the cost of government to citizens and businesses with new ordinances and regulations as well as the additional $500,000-$1,000,000 budget impact for salaries and benefits

Background Information about the Chamber’s Positions

CITY-INITIATED BALLOT ISSUE QYESTION NO. 1:  Keep Fort Collins Great Tax Renewal Issue Summary




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