Proof in Pictures: Future Proof of Property

Oct 4, 2022 | Member News

Future Proof of Property creates digital property images and stores originals for your future use if filing insurance claims after a loss.

The devastating Marshall Fire that occurred in Boulder County in December 2021 made it clear that these climate-driven disasters can happen anywhere in moments. The fire lasted hours but the pain and long recovery process for the fire survivors will last for years, if not forever. We can easily lessen future pain and work by taking a few simple steps towards preparedness.

“Images of our property, stored off-site in a secure cloud locker along with our other important documents, should be the foundation of everyone’s recovery plan. If we then add all our personal photos, family photos, deeds, titles, certificates, receipts, warranties and more to this secure locker, we might have greater peace of mind in knowing it will be easier to remember, prove, rebuild, and be reimbursed for losses, if needed, in the future. May we all find more Peace of Mind.” said  Diana Wilson,  Founder and CEO, Future Proof of Property.


Diana Wilson,  Founder and CEO


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