Northern Colorado Sector Partnerships

Industry-led, community-supported partnerships that strengthen regional economies and connect people to jobs.

An Introduction to Sector Partnerships in Northern Colorado

What are Sector Partnerships?

Sector partnerships build industry-led partnerships in a shared labor market region, strengthening regional economies and aligning education and training systems with industry needs. Sector partnerships also focus on other issues related to an industry’s competitiveness. This ensures deeper, broader, and longer-term industry engagement and success.

Who’s Involved?

  • Business members of a target industry make up the inner table. This is
    where businesses shape and drive an agenda, one that has a heavy (but not
    exclusive) workforce& education component.
  • Support partners from the community, including decision-makers from the
    workforce system,(workforce development boards), Job Centers, education
    (including K-12, Career and technical education, community and technical
    colleges, and4-year institutions), community-based training organizations,
    apprenticeship programs, as well askeyeconomicdevelopment
    organizations and Chambers of Commerce, and other stakeholders make
    up an outer table.

What Sector Partnerships do we have in Northern Colorado? (Click on logos below for more information)

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Email: [email protected]


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