Principles and Priorities: A Discussion on Federal Fiscal Policy and the National Debt

Aug 26, 2019 | Member News

Join the CSU Straayer Center for an interactive forum, and become a member of Congress for a night! Principles and Priorities will take place on Thursday September 5th from 6-8pm at Everyday Joe’s Café in Fort Collins. An RSVP is required (see below).

Participants will receive a primer on the federal budget including sources and uses of revenue, and how debt is accumulated or paid off. Groups will then consider over 100 policy options that raise or lower spending across various categories, along with the impact of making those choices, and will determine a budget for a ten-year window. The event is hosted by the CSU Straayer Center for Public Service Leadership and The Concord Coalition, a national non-partisan organization advocating for responsible fiscal policy.

More information about the event, including an RSVP link, can be found here: