Potpourri of Updates

Apr 15, 2015 | Uncategorized

The two Chamber-backed tax measures on the April 7 Fort Collins municipal ballot passed. Ballot Issue #1 was the renewal of a quarter-cent tax for 10 years for community public improvements. You can find the list of projects here. Ballot Issue #2 was the renewal of a quarter-cent tax for 10 years for street maintenance. Ballot Issues 1 and 2 passed by 80.53% and 85.53%, respectively.

Regarding elections, 3 of 4 Chamber-endorsed candidates won, so it looks like we’ll have reasonable city government leadership over the next couple of years.

Speaking of leadership, today is Mayor Karen Weitkunat’s last day in office. She served 8 years on the City Council, took a few years off then was elected mayor twice. While eligible to serve another term, she decided not to run again. Wade Troxell was elected as mayor to replace her. Mayor Weitkunat has a long and distinguished record of service to the Fort Collins community. While sad not to see her run again, she has certainly done more than her share for the community. Much thanks for your service Mayor Weitkunat!

In the late 1990s Colorado voters approved a program called TRANS bonds to fund highway projects in the state. The bonds are due to be paid off in 2017. The Chamber-led Northern Colorado Legislative Alliance is pursuing renewal of the TRANS bond program. We have recently met with the Governor’s staff and the Colorado Department of Transportation officials to discuss the idea.

In the odd and personal category, here’s one for you. I just returned from a trip to Iowa to see family and friends. In Fort Collins I’m an undistinguished, ordinary looking guy, comfortably within the healthy weight range for someone of my height. On several occasions, however, someone asked me ‘Are you okay? Are you sick?’ Uh, yep, I’m fine, just average! Only in a place like Iowa, right?!

Today is the last day for Anne Keith on our staff. After nearly 9 years with us, we’re very sad to see her go. Hewlett-Packard made her an offer she couldn’t refuse. That’s the bad news. The good news is that she’s staying in town. Join us in thanking Anne for the great job she did for us and wishing her well!