Poll of Fort Collins Residents: More Jobs

Mar 5, 2013 | Economy, Elections

A recent telephone poll conducted by Behavior Research Center of Fort Collins registered voters revealed support for job creation, retaining Woodward and increasing water storage.

The poll was conducted February 16-20. In-depth interviews were completed with 301 residents. The poll has a 95 percent confidence level, +/-5.8%. Five questions were asked.

On an open-ended question about the most serious problem facing Fort Collins, the #1 top-of-mind response was ‘need more jobs,’ followed by traffic congestion, need to control growth and the quality of local government leadership and decision-making.

When asked to rate eighteen various issues in terms of their importance, the top five items in this order were:

– creating more quality jobs in Fort Collins
– improving the quality of public education
– attracting major employers to Fort Collins
– increasing water storage for Fort Collins
– improving the major streets around Fort Collins to better move traffic

When asked about whether city government should make retaining Woodward a priority, an astonishing 85 percent said yes.

The poll was commissioned by the Chamber to gain insights on how the public was feeling about important community issues. The results were shared with all candidates for City Council. You can find the entire poll posted here, at FortCollinsWorks.com.