Peak Serum, Inc. Donates December Sales to Project Self-Sufficiency’s Holiday Family Fund

Nov 29, 2018 | Member News

Project Self-Sufficiency develops the grit and determination necessary for a lifetime of achievements for single parents and their children.

On behalf of its customers, Peak Serum, Inc. is donating a percentage of its December sales to support Project Self-Sufficiency’s (PS-S) Holiday Family Fund. Peak Serum’s goal is to provide gifts for up to 20 children of Project Self-Sufficiency participants. “Peak Serum’s ultimate goal is to provide much-needed smiles this holiday season,” said Tom Kutrubes, President and CEO of Peak Serum, Inc.

“The holidays are a time for celebration and happiness, something that doesn’t come easy for many of our single-parent families.  Project Self-Sufficiency Participants are devoted to school and their career path, as a result, they often do not have the resources to provide a holiday celebration for their children,” said Neva Menchaca, Project Self-Sufficiency Program Coordinator.

Project Self-Sufficiency serves approximately 160 low-income families each year.  The program provided by Project Self-Sufficiency supports families who earn below 185% of the Federal Poverty Level, meaning that many of these families will not celebrate the holidays and if they do, many of the parents will not be able to afford gifts for their children. When entering the PS-S program, 56.82% of Project Self-Sufficiency participants are homeless.

The Holiday Family Fund helps enhance the upcoming holiday season for many participants’ families. “With the help of Peak Serum, 20 children from 14 families will have gifts to open for their holiday celebrations! Thank you Peak Serum for helping make the holidays brighter for our Participants’ children,” said Menchaca.

“Peak Serum, Inc.’s continual growth is due to our loyal customers and supportive community. We are proud to not only honor our customers but support Project Self-Sufficiency through our this project,” said Kutrubes. “We hope, through our donation, to empower PS-S participants to reach their financial and educational goals by bringing joy and holiday cheer to their children.”

The percentage of sales will start December 1st and end December 31st. To learn more about Peak Serum and their products visit


About Project Self-Sufficiency

By providing access to education and career development, the Project Self-Sufficiency strengthens the selfpower necessary for single parents to push through barriers in order for them to live a completely different kind of life. Barriers such as affordable housing, mental health services, access to quality childcare, reliable transportation, and other challenging circumstances require creative intervention and intensive, personalized advising found at Project Self-Sufficiency. To learn more, visit For questions, please call or contact Neva Menchaca at 970.407.0305 ext. 5 or [email protected].


About Peak Serum

Based in Wellington, Colo., Peak Serum is one of the nation’s leading independent suppliers of fetal bovine serum, an essential part of cGMP / clinical trial research and diagnostics applications. Sourced from the United States or USDA-approved countries intended for all levels of research compliance.