February 21, Otter Products is closing our doors to open our hearts. In partnership with the OtterCares Foundation, Otter Products is pausing all operations around the world for one day so all employees can go into their communities and volunteer with organizations that inspire kids to change the world.

For the second year Otter Shop will host our community closed2open event! Last year we were thankful to have involvement from 15 community businesses and 69 volunteers. Together we were able donate 203 combined hours of giving back. As you know, the power of the Northern Colorado community is remarkable so that year this year we would like to this event even bigger! How?!

1. We will be offering more time slots for people to volunteer with us.
2. And/or we are also encouraging businesses to share their mission in their shop on February 21. I am happy to serve as a resource to help organize these events.
Lululemon is a great example – they are hosting two yoga classes on the 21st. During the event attendees will learn about Lulu’s highlighted local nonprofit (Vets4Life) and be able to donation to the organization. They are also paying their employees one hour of volunteer time to volunteer at our event at Everyday Joes.

Thank you for your help! Let’s make this BIG!

Click here for more information and how you can help.