Dear Rams,

Thank you for your great support of Colorado State Football and to everyone who provided feedback around their experience attending this season’s first football game. If you experienced long wait times as you entered Canvas Stadium, we apologize for any negative impact this had on your personal experience and enjoyment of the day. We understand and acknowledge that we failed to meet our own expectations, and those of others, and we are working hard to rapidly improve.

This week, we conducted a complete review of our operations plan using fan feedback and our own observations. We appreciate patrons sharing their thoughts, viewpoints and passion. By doing so, it allows us to enhance and improve the experience. Several areas have been identified where we can improve operations, provide a safe environment and deliver a world-class fan experience.

I want to share several steps we are taking to improve our event management for all future games:

  1.  We are increasing staff at all entrances and at key locations just before people enter into the line for a particular gate. Those staff will remind fans of the Clear Bag policy as they get in line to try and limit the number of fans who wait in line and then discover they have prohibited items with them.
  2. All entrances will now have EXPRESS LANES for those guests who choose to attend without bringing a bag or clutch purse. This is the recommended option. Guests with no bags, including no clutch purses, will be permitted to enter the stadium via these Express Lanes. This will allow for faster entrance into Canvas Stadium for those with just a phone, car keys and small permitted items in their pockets. Drop those handful of permitted items in the provided bowl, walk through the metal detector and go on in and enjoy the game.
  3. For those fans needing to bring in more items, all entrances will continue to have the Clear Bag option. It is important to note that any item listed on the prohibited items list is still not allowable, even if it is in a clear bag. Particularly frequent prohibited items from last Saturday were:
    • Nalgene type reusable water bottles,
    • Disposable water bottles with fluids in them,
    • Backpacks, bags and purses larger than the permitted clutch purse size of 4.5 inches by 6.5 inches; and
    • Strollers and bike helmets.
    • Please leave all these and other prohibited items at home or in your car, as attempting to enter with any prohibited items brings the line to a halt for everyone behind you. Click here for a complete list of prohibited items. If you have questions before game day please call the Rams Ticket Office at 800-491-7267 and we will answer your questions.
    • Empty disposable and crushable plastic water bottles without a cap are permitted. Any water bottle that contains contents or is not an empty, crushable disposable bottle is not permitted. There are water stations throughout Canvas Stadium where these bottles may be filled should you choose.
  4. We also will have more signage and staff deployed around campus reminding fans to leave prohibited items in their car. Additionally, we will give all persons parking a car a handout reminding them of the clear bag policy. The handout will be the size of the maximum permitted clutch purse size for easy size comparison while still in your car. If you bike or walk and must bring a prohibited item there are limited storage lockers provided that are located on Pitkin Street east of the Iris and Michael Smith Alumni Center where you can leave your items before getting in line to enter Canvas Stadium.
  5. All Canvas Stadium entrances will open earlier to all fans, at two hours before kickoff. That means stadium gates will open at 3:30 p.m. on Saturday, Sept. 8, 2018. Please take advantage of this change by making your way to Canvas Stadium a little early to avoid lines. To thank those fans entering early, we will have happy hour beer pricing for Old Aggie and Coors Light beer from the time gates open until 60 minutes prior to kickoff.
  6. We have also taken additional steps to shorten lines at concessions stands including additional staff, 20 additional hawkers throughout the stadium and process changes such as allowing direct delivery of a can of beer to the purchaser without the additional requirement to first pour it into a cup.
  7. We are working hard to communicate in impactful ways. We are doing so on our website (, by email, social media and signage and handouts on campus.

We understand that metal detectors and the clear bag policy require additional time and effort for everyone but we remain committed to upholding the safety of our students and fans. With your continued support and cooperation, we are confident we can make the environment in and around Canvas Stadium the nation’s best college football experience. We are deeply committed to exceeding your expectations and will work tirelessly to achieve this goal.

We remain grateful for your support and look forward to seeing you on Friday in Denver for the Rocky Mountain Showdown.

Go Rams!

Joe Parker
Director of Athletics