November 7, 2023 Election – Candidates

CHAMBER Shares Information on Candidates

The November 2023 ballot will invite all voters to elect a Mayor, and voters in Districts 2, 4, and 6 to elect City Council representatives.

To assist business owners, employees and residents in making informed voting decisions, we provide a number of election resources at the following web site: There you’ll find the written responses of each mayor and city candidate to questions covering a range of policy issues, with a focus on business and economic concerns.  We have included in the information below links to the video recordings of our candidate interviews. We are also sharing a ballot scorecard, highlighting the positions of each candidate on policy issues the Fort Collins Area Chamber has addressed on behalf of business community interests.

To be clear, the Fort Collins Area Chamber is not endorsing candidates this year. We’ve learned that our elected leaders are a more receptive audience when they recognize we go hard on policy, not the politics. That said, we are outspoken regarding the policy issues at stake in each election and on which side each candidate falls.  After in-depth review of questionnaires, interviews, public votes, public comments, websites and more by staff, the Election Committee and the Board, the Fort Collins Area Chamber, we are sharing insight into key business community interests at stake in this year’s City Council and mayor election and what we’ll be looking for in each candidate.

Chamber Candidate Scorecard

Candidate Information

Mayor Jeni James Arndt Video [email protected]
Write In Candidate
Patricia Babbitt Video [email protected]
District 2 Eric C. Hamrick Video [email protected]
District 2 Julie Pignataro Video [email protected]
District 4 Shirley Peel Video [email protected]
District 4 Melanie Potyondy Video [email protected]
District 6 Alexander Adams Video [email protected]
District 6 Emily Francis Video [email protected]

Election Resources

At the Nov. 8, 2022 General Election, Fort Collins voters approved a Charter Amendment moving the regular City election to November in odd-numbered years. In 2023, the election will be conducted as a part of the Larimer County Coordinated Election.

Ballots will be mailed the week of October 16, 2023

Please note: The Fort Collins Area Chamber of Commerce is pleased to provide education, information and analysis of local issues and candidates specifically for its members. The opinions expressed in this website are meant to give Chamber members a perspective that advocates for the business community and the city’s overall quality of life, and to give members insight into the potential impacts of local issues and candidates.  No Chamber Dues or Funds are being contributed to any of the issue campaigns.