November 2017 Coordinated Election

Oct 11, 2017 | Chamber News

Citizens of Larimer County have several local issues to consider on November 7. The Fort Collins Area Chamber of Commerce has taken a position on 2 ballot issues that are impactful our quality of life and our economic future.

Summary of the Chamber’s Positions

The Chamber is recommending a NO vote on the following issue:
City of Fort Collins Ballot Question 2B:  Broadband Services

The Chamber is recommending a YES vote on the following issue:
Larimer County Ballot Issue 1A:  Larimer County Fairgrounds

Background Information about the Chamber’s Positions

City of Fort Collins Ballot Question 2B:  Broadband Services:  VOTE NO

The November 2017 ballot a measure that asks the citizens of Fort Collins to authorize the City of Fort Collins to add telecom (broadband) services to the Light and Power Enterprise and to allow the Council to go into executive session to discuss matters relating to competition in the electric utility industry.  This authorization is required as it is a change to the City Charter.  As well, Council included a question on debt to ensure that voters are aware of the cost and risk to provide telecom infrastructure (up to $150 million in bonding capacity).

While supporting the concept of a connected community, the Chamber is opposing this ballot issue while encouraging the City to come back with a stronger plan that favors public private partnerships, and does a better job of making the business case and addresses concerns about risk management.  To learn more about the two-year analysis of this issue and key questions asked by the Chamber, click here.  You can also learn about the Chamber’s position on this issue through David May’s Blog here.

Larimer County Ballot Issue 1A:  Larimer County Fairgrounds:  VOTE YES

A 20 year, .15% sales tax was passed by the Citizens of Larimer County in 1999 to provide funding to create The Ranch (Larimer County Fairgrounds).  The Ranch hosts 2,600 events each year and generates $30.0 million in direct spending annually.  As well, a Master Plan for the facilities was updated in 2017.

This ballot measures asks the citizens of Larimer County to renew this existing sales tax for 20 years to implement the Updated Fairgrounds Master Plan including construction, equipment, operations, maintenance, improvements, remodeling and leasing of the fairgrounds.  The Chamber is supporting this ballot issue.  Renewal of this tax allows for funding for implementation of long term vision and enhancements outlined in the Master Plan while allowing The Ranch to continue to be financially impactful to the area.


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