Northern Colorado Legislative Alliance

Its mission is to unite and empower the members of the Northern Colorado Chambers of Commerce with the means to generate a strong voice for positive impact on state and federal policy, regulations and legislation that affect businesses’ ability to succeed and to help create a more positive business climate for the future of Northern Colorado.

The NCLA Board of Directors is comprised of six representatives from each of the three northern Colorado Chambers of Commerce plus the chamber executives, as well as the executive of the Northern Colorado Economic Development Corporation.

Visit to take action, get involved, stay informed or be heard about legislative issues that could affect your business.

The Fort Collins Area Chamber of Commerce is pleased to unveil the Report to Northern Colorado Businesses on the 2014 Session of the Colorado General Assembly.  It is a report to you, our investors, on how the session went and the work the Northern Colorado Legislative Alliance (NCLA) did on your behalf. We think you’ll be pleased to know that while you were running your business, the NCLA had your back with state government and represented you well.   Download the PDF version  of the report to see an issue-by-issue account of the 2014 Colorado Legislative Session as it intersected with the NCLA’s priority agenda and general business concerns.   Click here to see the 2013 report. Special thanks to Bank of Colorado for their ongoing support of this annual Legislative Report.

For more information contact David May, President & CEO, at [email protected] or (970) 482-3746.