Northern Colorado K20 Pathways to Employment

In a true regional collaboration, the Fort Collins Area Chamber of Commerce, the Community Foundation of Northern Colorado, and The Weld Trust, in partnership with Colorado Succeeds, proudly announce the public release of the Northern Colorado K20 Pathways to Employment report.


“Experts predict that many of the jobs available in the year 2030 have yet to be invented. Further, 47% of all US jobs are at risk of elimination in the next 20 years due to high automation with lowerwage jobs being 20 times more likely to disappear than jobs at the higher end of the pay spectrum. Those who thrive in this new reality will have to be highly agile, creative, critical thinkers, comfortable with diverse environments, and open to a future far more fluid than that to which we are accustomed.”

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Drafted in response to current and anticipated workforce development challenges, the report outlines what programs and resources exist for learners in Northern Colorado and identifies potential opportunities to support them in achieving career and post-secondary success. The report recognizes proactive workforce development as critical to the long-term vitality of Northern Colorado.

The K20 Pathways to Employment report considers insights from stakeholder interviews with school districts, higher education institutions, Larimer County Economic and Workforce Development, Employment Services of Weld County, and key regional employers.

Notable takeaways include:

  • The Northern Colorado workforce ecosystem is poised to accelerate and scale more efficient and effective pathways to employment.
  • Stakeholders are engaged and motivated to continue strengthening partnerships to improve and expand career-based learning opportunities.
  • A regional approach is needed to ensure talent pipelines are responsive to labor market demands, programs are built with equity and access in mind, and resources are shared beyond school, district, higher education, and municipal boundaries.

The report states the Fort Collins Area Chamber of Commerce, Community Foundation of Northern Colorado, and The Weld Trust are well-positioned to convene, activate, and guide key regional stakeholders across the talent continuum. Funding to support further investment in pathways to employment efforts will be explored across public and private sources as opportunities arise.

To view the Northern Colorado K20 Pathways to Employment report, visit this link .

Fort Collins Chamber of Commerce media contact: Yvonne Myers, 970.482.3746, [email protected]

Community Foundation media contact: Claire Bouchard, 970.488.1976, [email protected]