Northern Colorado COVID-19 Business Coaching

Mar 20, 2020 | Member News

Get professional coaching for your business or organization

We are offering an hour of coaching at no cost for any local business owner/leader who is struggling with issues around Coronavirus: customers, employees, cash flow, rapidly changing government regulation, and unpredictability. We’re doing this purely because we care about you as community members and your local business. We want to help you get through the coming months.

While none of us has the answers, the opportunity for you to talk through your issues with a professional coach can be priceless.

The hour is at no cost, as a donation from the Business Coach. The conversation will take place over Zoom video, Skype, telephone call, or whatever form the two participants decide is most useful.

Please schedule time via the link below each person’s picture.

We promise that there is no obligation for further coaching and no sales pitch.

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