NOCO Virtual Farmers Market Safe Storage of Fresh Produce

Jan 31, 2021 | Member News

Safe Storage of Fresh Produce

Enjoy this handy guide from NOCO Virtual Farmer’s Market on produce care and storage:

Countertop Storage

Apples (less than 7 days) Peppers
Basil Persimmons
Cucumbers Potatoes
Dry Onions Pumpkins
Eggplant Sweet Potatoes
Garlic Tomatoes
Ginger Watermelon
Muskmelons Winter Squash


Ripen On Counter Then Refrigerate

Nectarines Pears
Peaches Plums


Refrigerator Storage


Apples (+7 days) Carrots Leeks
Apricots Cauliflower Lettuce
Artichokes Celery Lima Beans
Asian Pears Cherries Mushrooms
Asparagus Cut Veggies & Fruit Peas
Beets Figs Radishes
Blackberries Grapes Raspberries
Blueberries Green Beans Spinach
Broccoli Green Onions Strawberries
Brussels Sprouts Herbs (not basil) Summer Squash
Cabbage Leafy Greens Sweet Corn


Tips for Safe Handling Fresh Produce

  • Wash all produce whole before consumption, under cool running water.
  • Do not soak or submerge produce.
  • Properly clean all work areas, tools, and wash your hands when preparing produce for consumption.
  • Produce with a firm exterior should be scrubbed with clean hands or a clean brush under running water.
  • Dry clean produce with a single use towel.


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