NOCO Virtual Farmers Market… Healthy Drinks… To Drink or not?

Oct 13, 2020 | Member News

Non-alcoholic drinks are on the rise, there are many options, unique flavors and nutrients galore, we are paying close attention to what we put in our bodies and NOCO Virtual Farmers Market is listening to our customers!

Not only are natural soda pop drinks on the rise, but CBD is catching up and becoming the leader with herb infused drinks that help us manage stress, control anxiety and even cure us from the occasional hangover blues!

Another runner up are energy drinks, they too are growing and include harmonizing ingredients to give us all a boost when we are trying to complete goals, fill out our “to do” lists, and/or meet that “work from home deadline.”

Ready to drink coffees also have added perks such as pro or prebiotic properties; some are also enhanced with CBD.

Today’s beverages have simply gone back to basics, filled with nutrients like vitamins, omega 3 fatty acids, even protein!

Juices are no longer plain, but super fruit juices are abound with veggies, herbs, and come in nostalgic flavors like birthday cake, creamsicle, root beer float and much more.

Seltzers and sparkling waters are not in the dust anymore, but are also taking center stage with zero to low sugar, yet filled with flavors that are sure to please even the most discerning palette.

Look for any of the above drinks in rare and specific flavors such as botanicals, citrus, ginger, even basil, lavender, elderflower and just about any other new combination you can think of, if you can think of it… believe me, it exists!

We at NOCO Virtual Farmers Market are listening and we have brought healthy drinks to our market. Our customers want their drinks to be custom made, not only in the diet area, but also in the health areas. We as consumers are making food and beverage choices based on our own personal definition of what health means to us. We are choosing beverages based on them being natural, organic, vegan, high in protein, gluten free, even fair trade!

Here at NOCO Virtual Farmers Market know that beverages along with food choices must be seasonal, fresh, hand-crated or artisanal, along with fresh from the farm straight to our community. We are also providing our customers with great stories to read about our vendors. Join us this week as we celebrate BEVERAGES, and visit our long and growing list of vendors who are providing just what we want to drink and eat week after week.

Check out our current beverage vendors with a few more coming in the next few weeks:

Nekter Juice Bar: Drinks designed to optimize overall health and wellness by feeding the body with essential vitamins and nutrients. Fresh, natural, and raw ingredients used. Making sure you are always eating clean; Nekter also offers, açaí bowls, smoothies, fresh press juices in different flavor combinations and different sized packages all full of pure ingredients that refresh and detox your system.

Redemption Road Coffee: Freshly roasted Honduras, Guatemalan, Sumatra and much more… even decaf in bold rich flavors available ground or whole.

Rocky Mountain Soda: Colorado’s best craft soda using only finest ingredients. Also carry sparkling CBD beverages. Unique flavor combinations, such as: root beer, ginger beer, black cherry, hibiscus tea, lemonade, cola and much more all geared towards the health conscious and outdoor adventurer.

Single Track Coffee Roasters: Specializing in Fair Trade, this roaster provides us with organic coffee from all origins with various roast levels from light to dark as well as unique flavors such as floral bombs and dark chocolate toffee bar.

Wild and Free Fermented Tea: Located in Fort Collins, Colorado, this vendor manufactures organic, effervescent and probiotic Kombucha. Dedicated to brewing with your health in mind and the intention to enliven your senses while elevating your life!

All these and much more currently available at: be sure to visit us this week and while you are at it… have a drink!
Candida and Alexa