In a matter of months, we have been forced to rethink how we live, how we work, how we learn, how we socialize… the list goes on. We are looking deeper into how to keep ourselves and our families healthy and we have shifted from waiting for things to go wrong to trying to look ahead at people’s behavior and expectations.

NOCO Virtual Farmers Market is an online virtual market that supplies members of local communities with locally sourced, locally produced, locally grown products and services all supplied by local small businesses. Our mission is to provide the platform where small businesses, farmers, artisans and food producers can connect with the community and provide them with healthy food choices, unique shopping experiences from local artists and excellent small business services. We, in turn, at NOCOVFM, deliver such products to our customer’s doorstep. We are a YEAR ROUND market and will be serving the community’s needs well into the holiday season and beyond.

Since the pandemic started, people’s lives have changed drastically, many have gone from commuting to work, to working from home, from eating lunch out, to eating lunch at home and preparing home cooked meals for their families, people went from sending their children to school each day to having them home with online learning or homeschooling. Your spare bedroom is now your home office, your kitchen is now your cooking studio, your playroom is now your classroom. How are business people, individuals, families and parents coping with these unexpected changes that currently don’t appear to have an end?
We at NOCO Virtual Farmers Market have been asking ourselves the very same question and we, along with our vendors are happy to partake in a solution.
Our online, multi-vendor, website platform is providing meals that can be purchased in various sizes to fit your family’s needs. These fresh made from scratch meals arrive to you frozen from our vendors and all you need to do is place them in the oven and instantly, a warm meal at your serving.

If you are a business person working from home and don’t have the time to stop work to prepare a healthy meal for yourself, we are here for you, if you are a stay-at-home mom and are at wits end trying to figure out, or find the time to prepare healthy lunches for your kiddos, we’ve got you covered, if you find you are staying home because of health, age, or safety reasons, we’ve got your back!

We are rolling out a lunch and dinner weekly program whereby you may go to our website and select healthy, homemade weekly meals that get delivered to your doorstep each week.

This is how it works: when you come to our website for your farmer’s market goodies each week, you may also order weekly meals that get delivered each Saturday to your home. Imagine having a week’s supply of healthy home cooked food in your freezer!

Face it, life has drastically changed, and we must learn to adapt and change with it, we now spend our waking hours at home working full-time, caring for and educating children, cooking and preparing everything we eat, even cleaning to high standards.

Our vendors provide you with farm-to-table produce, the freshest vegetables in Northern Colorado, local fresh fruits, oven-to-basket goods, pasture raised chemical free beef, the freshest, healthiest bison and goat meat, fresh fermented products and CBD drinks along with unique soda pop, fresh homemade soups, frozen fresh meals that all you need to do is heat up, locally roasted, fair trade coffee, home baked pastries, local handmade candy, unique gourmet pasta, large selection of healthy snacks, fresh organic CBD products, natural chemical free pet treats, natural skin care products, fresh Colorado grown flowers, raw beehive honey, fresh spices, unique and special goods for your home and for your home decor, great gifts, exquisite art and handmade crafts, farmer market books for kiddos and adults, local in-person or online cooking classes, the best popcorn, fresh natural granola, sweet and savory herbs, fresh local cheeses, the best combination in olive oils, organic cooking oil, unique flavored vinegars, fresh baked desserts, muffins, scones, cookies, pretzels, macrons, sweet combinations of cakes, gourmet fresh mushrooms, handmade jewelry, hard to find collectibles, handmade greeting cards, chemical free soap, smooth natural body lotions and deodorants and much more… you name it we have it. If we don’t and you want it… let us know and we will find it.

Check out our wonderful Home Baked Foods caterer/vendor who is hard at work in the kitchen planning and placing readymade, frozen weekly meals that you can prep in minutes. While you are at it, look at our farm vendor, supplying you with frozen meals and in-the-jar baked goods along with beef jerky and sweet jams. Star View Farm, Make your life simpler visit our virtual farmers market and support local businesses:

We at NOCO Virtual Farmers Market are here help you adapt to the new way of living. Join us and see what we are all about.
Live, Love, Shop Local… For All Your Bear Necessities!
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And of course, visit our ever growing Website to learn more about us and to meet our entire family of vendors and small businesses. We are adding new products and new vendors weekly:

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