NoCo Housing NOW All Partnership Meeting

Jun 16, 2023 | Government & Policy, Infrastructure, NoCo Housing Now

Topic: Proposition 123, Everything You Need to Know

This past November, Colorado voters passed a proposition that establishes a recurring funding source to support a comprehensive array of housing and supportive services across the state. Known as Prop 123, the program sets aside 0.01% of the annual general fund budget that is directed to two separate buckets, one managed by the Colorado Division of Housing and the other administered by the Colorado Housing & Finance Authority. For the 2023-24 fiscal year, the combined funds are anticipated to receive approximately $270 million, distributed in the form of grants, loans, and equity investments.

Featured Panel:

Kristin Toombs, Director, Office of Homeless Initiatives: [email protected]

Steve Boice, Manager of Business Finance, Colorado Housing and Finance Authority: [email protected]

Link sent in chat: Proposition 123 – Colorado Affordable Housing Financing Fund | Colorado Office of Economic Development and International Trade

Proposition 123 Presentation

NOCO Land Banking Presentation