NoCo Housing NOW All Partnership Meeting | November 18, 2022

Feb 18, 2022 | Government & Policy, Infrastructure, NoCo Housing Now

Topic: The Missing Middle

Communities across the country are now beginning to recognize that suburban-style development has crowded out a more diverse mix of housing types that were commonplace prior to the 1950s. Community planning tended to emphasize uniformity within residential areas such that single-family detached housing predominated with higher density multifamily housing situated in distinctly separate neighborhoods. Duplexes, small apartment buildings, condominiums and other housing types have become all but forgotten, a phenomenon known as The Missing Middle.

Please join us as we explore strategies, market opportunities and tools for expanding our housing inventory mix that appeals to a broader cross-section of our communities.

Featured Panel:
Landon Hoover – Hartford Homes
Terry Barnard – Colorado Housing Finance Authority

Featured Resources: