The Tynan Family Passes on the Car (Dealership) Keys

When the Tynan family started to consider retirement, it became a mission to make sure that whomever was to take over their dealerships held the same values and work ethic they did. The Tynan family has been operating Tynan’s Nissan and Tynan’s Kia dealerships in Fort Collins since 1984. Their family values have led the way in how they conducted daily business with customers. Customer care was always first, working to match a vehicle to the customer’s personal budget and lifestyle. It was never about the commission or upgraded sale–and that’s why the community valued their service and kept them in business all these years.

After great consideration, the Tynan family is passing the keys to their two Fort Collins dealerships to the Weibel family. Starting November 1, the Weibel family will be the owners of the re-named Fort Collins Nissan and Fort Collins Kia. Originally from a quaint farm in Longmont, the Weibel family has long been a part of the Northern Colorado automotive market. They currently own and operate Loveland Ford, Valley Subaru, Nissan and Mitsubishi in Longmont, Greeley Nissan and Volkswagen and Prestige Chrysler, Dodge, Jeep, Ram in Longmont.

About the Weibel Family: Like the Tynans, business for the Weibels is a family affair. Roger Weibel is owner of the company; his son Jay Weibel is the company controller, helping to oversee the different dealerships, and his daughter, Leslie Weibel-Duke is secretary-treasurer of the company.

Operations for the two new dealerships will remain the same under the new team, including keeping all current employees.

The Weibel family has grown up in Northern Colorado. Leslie and Jay Weibel graduated from Berthoud High School in 1996 and ’99, respectively, where Leslie lives in Berthoud and Jay resides outside Longmont.  Roger Weibel lives on a farm north of Longmont, which he works when he gets home from his dealerships in town.

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