Students at Saint Joseph Catholic School Receive Flag Flown in Combat

It is not often you receive an American flag flown in combat as a thank you, but that is what Charlie Company of the 1-137th Assault Helicopter Battalion sent to the middle school students at Saint Joseph Catholic School.

The flag, along with a certificate signed by the military pilots and their flight crew, certifying the flag was flown during a combat mission in northern Iraq and Syria, was in appreciation for the care packages the students sent to the troops in October 2020.

“In remembrance of the 9/11 anniversary, our middle school, with the help from our school community, sent eight boxes full of food, snacks, and handwritten letters to Erbil Air Base, Iraq,” said Ms. Jenks, 6th grade teacher. “They even held a dance to pay for postage.”

“It is an honor to receive a flag that was flown in a Black Hawk helicopter, and it is incredibly hard to explain how hard that flight probably was,” said Gus O’Daniel, 6th grade. “It means a lot because it is hard to be out on the battlefield and protect our country. I am happy we could give a little support to help get them through”.

“This is a high up honor to receive this flag,” said Joseph Wade, 8th grade.

According to Principal Nick Blanco, the flag and certificate will be framed and displayed in the school lobby.

It is reported that the troops who received the care packages made it back home safely.

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