Stop Drifting and Set Your Goals Towards Success with “Plot Your Course – The Virtual Experience” Workshop

Plot Your Course – The Virtual Experience is an online workshop for anyone who truly wants to get on track and complete their goals like never before. It allows you to crystalize your goals for this year, create clear action plans to make them happen, and build a truly unstoppable commitment to achieve them. It will help you become UNSTOPPABLE in 2023! This virtual workshop allows you to go through the step-by-step process at your convenience. You will get immediate access to the videos and can do the exercises when convenient! (Evan at 3 am!)

You’ll also receive some amazing bonuses I’ve included as a free gift. The bonus materials included in PYC – The Virtual Experience will help boost the impact and raise the value you’re already receiving with PYC. They include five special pieces of training and a strategy session worth over $1300!

If this is something that you’ve been interested in doing, don’t wait too long. Although the course will remain online for a while, the special discounted pricing will come to an end on January 31st. Why not treat yourself to this life-changing goal-setting experience for basically half the price of the regular cost?

Starting February 1st, 2023, PYC – The Virtual Experience will return to its regular price of $497, and even at that price, it’s an incredible value.

But there’s still time to reserve the discounted price of $247 if you register before 2/1/2023.

You can create the change you want this year, and I want to help you do it right so you can reach your goals faster and easier, with much less wasted time and effort. Learn more and register at

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