New Nosh Ordering Experience: All on One App

Today Nosh is incredibly proud to launch our new brand positioning!

As you all know, we’re deeply committed to our communities, restaurants and drivers and aim to challenge big tech delivery with a fairer and locally focused food delivery solution.

You’ll see some updates to our messaging and brand over the next few weeks. And while we’re the same passionate team behind the brand, we’re excited for you to come on this journey of transformation with us as we give the power back to local restaurants and better serve customers in our communities.

Nosh Tastes Better.

For Everyone.

Welcome to the new Nosh ordering experience!

Our brand and messaging are not the only things that are changing. In our quest to better serve our local restaurants and communities, today we’re also launching a completely new and improved app and website.

In conversations with our customers, restaurants and drivers, we’ve listened. The new interface will improve the Nosh experience for everyone and we’re excited for you to experience it. Here are some of the highlights you can expect:

  • Better functionality and a more seamless ordering experience
  • Dynamic customer profile enabling customers to update information, view their order history and re-order favorites
  • Improved order tracking
  • Improved technology for dispatching drivers to restaurants meaning faster delivery and better quality food for customers

To experience the new app, IOS users will need to update their app and Android users will need to download the new app.

From your mobile device, click the link below to download. Get ready to enjoy a more seamless ordering experience!

While we are, changing, some things haven’t.

There are a few things at Nosh that will never change – you can still expect the same great food selection, incredible drivers and a responsive local support team.

Feel free to call or text (970) 458-7425 or email [email protected] for immediate assistance or should you have any questions relating to the changes.

Download the new app today!

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