Masks Exhibition at the Museum of Art–Sponsorship Opportunity

For 19 years the Museum of Art l Fort Collins has hosted the Masks Exhibition and Fundraiser. 229 artists, from amateur to professional, and from children through adults, receive a blank ceramic mask on which they have several months to put their unique stamp on. This year our Masks Exhibition and Fundraiser will be open earlier and longer–from March 3-May 5, allowing more people to attend and bid and see what businesses are supporting this unique show.

The business community has long supported the show through sponsorships and we are hoping that you/your company would like to get involved this year.

What you may not know, is that Masks is our largest fundraiser for the year and the community’s most significant art show. Also, we have added a new program/classroom on the second floor that will open just in time for the exhibition. This classroom allows us to grow our mission and opportunities for the community to gather and learn more about art.

There are benefits to your business to getting involved and can easily be changed to accommodate your marketing needs.

Once you have made the donation you will receive a link to review the masks and choose the one/s that you would like to sponsor. You can also donate online

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