Focusing on improving grounds management efficiency, the City of Fort Collins recently enlisted Oelo Lighting Solutions. A local manufacturer of permanent holiday lights, to illuminate five different community buildings with year-round lighting. Combining 1,800 LEDs and Oelo’s proprietary cloud-based system that operates the lights, the city can now celebrate any occasion.  All while eliminating the ongoing time and recurring budget it takes to hang holiday lights.

What will permanent lights be used for year-round?:

Also featuring more than 16 million hues and a dozen movement settings, including security lighting, the city can glow green for St. Patrick’s Day, patriotic colors during the Fourth of July and traditional Christmas colors throughout December with its Oelo lights. The community even can root on the Colorado State University Rams with green and gold, or cheer on the city’s seven high schools with these festive lights.

The rapidly urbanizing city operates under a comprehensive development plan, requiring projects like this one to go through a public, detailed RFP process. Oelo received the  award for the initiative in early 2022 and completed its last building install this summer. The City Hall and Fort Collins’ police station were among the five buildings decked out in lights.

“Fort Collins encompasses more than 57 square miles, and the city maintains nearly a 1,000 acres of parks, more than 37,000 acres of natural areas and 45 miles of off-street trails, which makes Oelo a welcome addition for the maintenance team,” Oelo COO Clay Horst said.

Why does FoCo need permanent lights?:

Comparatively The Oelo lighting system is the perfect fit, featuring a cloud-based system that gives the city the ability to control each building separately (or together) from anywhere in the world from a web browser or iPhone/Android devices. Oelo’s software is extremely robust and utilizes openssl. 1.1d controller software and AWS Cognito User Pool credentials, keeping the system secure.

Featuring a five-year warranty, each system produces 100,000 hours of use. That’s the equivalent of 22 years of nightly 12-hour glow. Oelo’s patented color-changing lighting system features permanent weather-resistant aluminum covers that blend in with the buildings. Making it practically invisible by day — and yet hard to miss at night thanks to color-changing LEDs.

About Oelo Lighting Solutions:

Backed by 40 years in the mission-critical lighting industry, Oelo delivers permanent, configurable LED lighting solutions. Oelo offers two products — a color-changing holiday lighting system and a dimmable patio lighting system. Both systems blend in seamlessly with the structure’s fascia thanks to the weather-resistant channel, available in nine different color options. The color-changing system features an app to control the light’s color and movement. The patio system can be controlled for mood or for task lighting. Oelo has an installation team, along with a network of dealers throughout the U.S. and Canada.  Additionally, Self-install kits are also available for DIYers.

Visit Oelo’s website here to learn more.

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