Integrative Wellness Now Open in Fort Collins

Synapse Counseling LLC
1101 E. Elizabeth St.
Fort Collins, CO 80524


RELEASE DATE: May 9th 2016.

Dr. Elena Estanol Ph.D., M.F.A.
(970) 692-4253
[email protected]

Integrative Wellness Now Available in Fort Collins!
FREE Open House & Workshops!

The medical field continues to specialize more and more to the point that now we have to visit several doctors and healthcare practitioners in order to attempt to get the healing and life-changing transformation we need.

However, as specialties increase the ability to be seen, treated and empowered as an integrative and holistic human being from a mental, physical, emotional and spiritual perspective is becoming almost extinct.

Yet given our society we desire more connection, more integration and more support as we embark in our healthcare and our healing process.

Well if you ever wished, that you could see your coach, your therapist, your nutritionist/ wellness coach, at the same place where you could also do art, yoga, empowerment training and transformational retreats- you can stop looking.

Or if you have ever wished that nutrition professionals would not only TALK to you about food, but also TEACH you to shop, COOK food in a healthier way to accomplish your health or weight loss goals, without spending hours slaving over a hot stove, or pouring over dated cookbooks that yield poor results?

If you are an experiential learner, you are committed to making lasting changes, and are ready to experience a powerful team of clinicians and wellness professionals to guide you towards not only healing from an eating disorder, losing weight, or conquering ADHD, but a TEAM that will be invested in seeing you achieve wellness, and thrive in your life, then THIS IS THE PLACE FOR YOU!

We have been serving the Fort Collins community since 2008, yet we have been working towards bringing this 18-yr old dream into life! A place where YOU can feel welcomed, seen, honored and celebrated as the unique human being that you are. A place where you can experience community & healing.

Where we will collaborate with you, teach you & empower you to achieve total and radical healing and wellness, and take you to reach your highest potential!

We are also committed to practicing conscious business practices guided by the power of love and the belief that we can change our world by the work we do, and forming collaborative relationships that are a win/win for all involved.


Friday May 21st 4:00-8:00pm
Saturday May 22nd 10:00 am- 4:00 pm

All Events are Free!
Come meet us, Celebrate & Tour our Amazing New Facility
Attend FREE workshops and Presentations:
Speak Up! Find your Authentic Voice
Sharpen Your Brain! Enhancing Focus & Attention
Food Addiction: Fact or Fiction?
Conquer Your Emotions & Improve Your Relationships
Enhancing Purpose, Profit & Conscious Businesses
Overcome your eating disorder once and for all!
Awaken Your Personal Power!

Visit our EVENTS page to register for the Tour and workshops!

We are excited to meet you!

If you feel a desire to include, this is part of my story:

Dr. Estanol came into the healing world through the painful experience of recovering from a severe eating disorder that not only took away her greatest love- ballet, but also took with it her will to live.
After this life transforming experience she decided to recover so she could empower others to overcome their eating disorder and create happy, healthy and fulfilling lives that create the change we want to see in the world.

She started Synapse counseling at the height of the economic depression of 2008 as an attempt to avoid losing her home in Utah. What it gave her was the opportunity to serve at a higher and more intensive level (than her University job), and provide the opportunity for the right clinicians to contribute their expertise to the betterment and empowerment of their clients.

Synapse Counseling is now a thriving Healing and Wellness Center that provides coaching, counseling, nutrition, peak performance, groups, online classes, seminars and retreats to provide education, transformation, healing and the creation of a collaborative community.


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