How to Get Funding and Grants for Technology for Your Organization

Wednesday, October 9th
12pm – 1pm MTD

We always have our ear to the ground on tech grants for nonprofits because we believe this is the highest leverage social impact dollars that can be spent. We are constantly hunting for foundations and companies that offer tech grants to support nonprofits.

The Pledge 1% program, founded in 2014, has enlisted over 1,000 companies launching different give back initiatives. This movement enlists companies to pledge 1% of equity, profit, product, and/or employee time to their communities. Salesforce, helped lead this initiative, which now includes thousands of companies.

Cloud2b is a Salesforce Platinum Partner, and part of our work is to support nonprofits into this journey. In this webinar we are going to cover:

Here is a list of some:
How to write tech grant applications.
How to use NPSP to efficiently manage gran.
Classic funders as well as some new national tech company grants to keep an eye on.
Salesforce discounts for nonprofits.

Betina Meyer Pflug – Executive Director – Cloud2b
Alex Koeningsberg – Founder and President – Arula, Inc.
Roxanne Fry – Nonprofit Specialist – Cloud2b

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