Fort Collins Area Chamber Endorses Ballot Issues

Citizens of Fort Collins have a full ballot to consider on November 4. The Fort Collins Area Chamber of Commerce has reviewed several of the issues on the ballot and offers the following recommendations.

The Fort Collins Area Chamber of Commerce is:
Supporting Larimer County Ballot Issue 1B – Continue Larimer County Jail Countywide Sales and Use Tax.
Supporting Larimer County Ballot Issue 200 – Animal Care and Control Facility Sales and Use Tax and Debt Question.
Supporting Larimer County Ballot Issue 1A – Continue Protecting Our Natural Areas, Open Space, Rivers and Wildlife Habitat.
Opposing State Proposition 105 – Labeling Genetically Modified Food.

The Chamber Board has outlined their position on taxes in their Where We Stand document. The Chamber believes that taxes are part of the obligation we all have to pay for services we collectively use and need as citizens. To that end, business is willing to pay a reasonable level of taxes and fees for essential public services assuming that they are fair and reasonable and do not discourage business investment in Fort Collins.

In short, tax policy should promote a healthy business and economic climate that encourages investment in capital equipment and human capital. This philosophy guided the Chamber position on 1A, 1B and Issue 200. All three issues contribute to the quality of life in Larimer County and are important infrastructure and amenity investments.

The support of all three local issues come with cautions. The Chamber Board noted the following concerns:

• Issue 1A – Open Space does reduce the percentage forwarded to local communities which may be impactful to local programs and is a 25 year expansion of the tax. The length of the tax is concerning.
• Issue 200 – Larimer Humane Society Facility is a creative private-public means of developing a needed replacement facility that serves the entire county. Overall costs were cited as a concern but seem to generally be in line with this type of facility.

Videos of presentations by advocates for the three local issues are available HERE as well as additional resources related to all seven issues included on the Colorado Ballot.

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