Find New Talent at The Colorado Cyber Games

The Colorado Cyber Resource Center (CCRC), a program of the National Cybersecurity Center (NCC), is hosting a new, unique cyber competition designed to help employers find vetted talent and help job candidates get connected with those employers, The Colorado Cyber Games!


  • Reduced recruitment costs! Struggling to find talent? The leaderboard will be filled with potential candidates looking for a new position.
  • Pre-vetted talent! Some companies want or need to be able to test technical capabilities as a part of the interview process. It will cost an employer $0 to look at our website and find talent to reach out to, talent that has already demonstrated the desired skills for their job openings.

Our Ask:

  1. Learn More!

Attend our 15 min virtual information session to learn more about the Colorado specific competition details and how you could get involved.

When: September 13, at 10:00am via Zoom

Registration Link:

More details on the competition can be found on the website:



Competition Details

  • Competitors will pay $10 to enter. For an entire month, competitors will gain access to the 800+ modules in the Colorado Cyber Range and the opportunity to complete weekly challenges.
  • On every Friday during the month of October, at 9am MT, the CCRC will release a new challenge that the competitor must complete by 5pm MT the following Monday.
  • The CCRC website will host the leaderboard to show the winner of each week’s challenge and the aggregate leader taking into account scores from all 4 challenges combined. Competitors will be required to use their real names on the leaderboard. In addition, the leaderboard slots will have links to their resumes (optional) and LinkedIn profiles.
  • The winners of each week and the aggregate winner will get to keep their access to the Colorado Cyber Range for an entire year.

Register for the CO Cyber Games HERE

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