Energy Rebates for Business

Ready to spruce up your business and make it more attractive and comfortable for your customers and employees? Fort Collins Utilities and Efficiency Works™ Business can help you reduce your energy consumption, while improving your space, with rebates and enhanced service offerings.

  1. LED lighting is the fastest and most cost-effective way to save electricity. Ditch your old florescent fixtures, and their continual maintenance, for integrated LED fixtures that provide better light for about half the energy cost. Already have LEDs? We have rebates on automated controls that keep the lights on only when you need them.
  2. Heating and cooling costs are the next step. Ask your maintenance contractor if they are participating in the Efficiency Works Performance Plus program. Performance Plus assures your equipment is running at its designed efficiency.
    a. There are also rebates to improve the efficiency of your existing equipment and a Performance Plus contractor can help you navigate
    your options.
  3. Have food service equipment? Consider demand control ventilation that regulates hood air volume to make the cooking area safe while minimizing energy use. We also have rebates on most ENERGY STAR® equipment that uses electricity, including commercial dishwashers. If it uses water, you can dip into more savings with our water rebates.
  4. If you have grocery-style refrigeration in your business, we have rebates to reduce its energy consumption from new door gaskets to high efficiency evaporator motors.
  5. Managing an office? Freshen up your office kitchen with ENERGY STAR
    residential appliances including dishwashers and refrigerators. There are
    also rebates on vending machine controls, clothes washers and advanced
    power strips.

Each business is unique! Details on a variety of rebates can be found at or by contacting David Suckling with Fort Collins Utilities at 970-416-4251 or [email protected]. Not sure what is best for you? Get a free energy assessment for your business. Visit to sign up.

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