Electronics Recycling Event October 27, 2021

Old printers, broken monitors and out-of-date electronics piling up in your office, storage room, or garage?  Now’s your chance to clear them out!  Bring them to our Fort Collins location by the end of the day on Wednesday, October 27th and they’ll get picked up and recycled. 

If you need a cart to help haul them inside, we’ve got you covered.  Just call or email the front desk to let us know you’re on your way and we’ll have the cart waiting for you just inside the door coming into the building from the covered parking area.  (Phone:  970-232-3100   email: [email protected])

There are recycling fees for flat screen TV’s ($25) and computer monitors ($10), but everything else can be left for free.  If you drop off a cell phone or computer, be sure the data on it has been secured.  For phones, you should be sure it is locked or that you’ve reset it to the factory settings to erase your data.  For computers, your best option is to remove the hard drive and take it someplace to be destroyed.

When items are dropped off we will keep a log of anything with a recycling fee, FRBC will pay the fees to the recycler and then we will invoice you for the fee on your next invoice.

So load your old electronics up and bring them in by Wednesday, October 27th and reclaim your office or storage area!

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