Windsor’s DaVinci Sign Systems, Inc. Wins Three National Awards for Signage

World Sign Associates has just announced its 2022 Coolness Competition winners. It will be the fourth year in a row that DaVinci has taken top honors in the Coolness Competition. For the largest category, over 100 square feet of signage, DaVinci has taken 1st Place for its Brighton Crossings sign system, which features monument signage and large lantern structures with LED lighting.

DaVinci Sign Systems of Windsor has also been awarded the Signs of the Times ( 2022 Best Outside Design/Shop Fabrication, Non-Illuminated. Consequently, the same signage also received 2nd place in World Sign Associates’ 2022 Coolness Competition under the Poutporri Category.

Although Hilton’s mixed-use area, “Emily’s Alley,” created the sign system for The Slate Hotel Tapestry.  Collection by  Namesake Emily Griffith’s historic Opportunity School inspired the collection.

The signage features multicolor pencil components with hand-hewn chew marks, a large bronzed pencil sculpture, and an  ‘I CAN’ textural wall piece with a mirror finish.  Consequently, there is an additional memorial bench with a vignette background and an inlaid bronze ‘Opportunity’ floor plaque.

Art House of Denver created the original design, with photo credits given to Nic Rentfrow of Grizzly Media. The client was Stonebridge Companies.

Above all, Signs of the Times has been a leading brand for comprehensive sign-industry news since 1906. DaVinci Sign Systems, Inc. is employee-owned and located in Windsor

Award source: HERE

View the pieces that hat earned DaVinci these awards!

 Brighton crossing monument sign DaVinci beacon …

 Brighton lantern 2.jpg

 Brighton lantern Rentfrow day web.jpg

 Brighton Rentfrow shot.jpg

 Night shot Brighton.jpg

 Emily’s Alley bench memorial.jpg

 Emily’s Alley Colored pencil piece.jpg

 Emily’s alley distant bronze pencil.jpg

 Emily’s Alley I CAN piece.jpg

 Emily’s Alley reflection piece.jpg

 Emily’s Ally Opportunity floor piece.jpg


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