CustomPapers247 Presents Its New Redesigned Website will present to the world its newly redefined website, which over the past few weeks has been developed according to the highest standards of web access and usability. The service is an online platform for high school and college students to hire academic writers for their papers and dissertations. The website itself houses such things as customer discounts, information on their writer pool, tables with rates, client testimonials, and more. The redesign aims to reinvigorate the process, and to make it easier for visitors to find what they need and hire who they want.
This new website design is over a year in the making. The company itself comes from significant experience in their field. They’ve helped students from degrees as diverse as biochemical engineering, and as standard as history. employs writers capable of handling larger dissertations, or run-of-the-mill daily assignment. With such a wide range of abilities, their website needed to reflect not only their reputation in the form of succinct branding practices, but it also needed to help student users navigate to the answer they’re searching for. That’s why the new web design is important. It reflects good use of information architecture to increase the turnover of visitors and the ultimate conversion of a browsing user to a paying customer.
The company conducted a detailed in-house analytical study to see where in their web design architecture blocks were formed that hindered use. With their new design, they’ve been able to lift these blocks to make it far easier for a user to find the relevant information. For example, their simple order form is far more intuitive now thanks to an overhaul of the labeling system in place. Users will know exactly what it is they need to input in different fields. Where doubt may arise, the new design also makes finding help easier for the user, which in turn proves a much more user-friendly setup. offers its clients 24/7 customer support, and the ability to choose a writer before paying for their service. Naturally, the website design needed to incorporate these elements of their service. The new website makes finding information on writers intuitive. It follows modern web design principles of usability that cut out the “web design fluff” and put the user by default much closer to their desired destination. The color scheme of the new site is also demonstrative of a keen auto-awareness within the company. Branding is important, especially in the online writing business, and with the new site design launched, they will succeed in making themself memorable for all new and returning users.

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