Become a Mentor at Compass Community Collaborative School

Compass Community Collaborative School is looking for business owners and community members to partner with students in their goal setting and act as mentors.

As the community member that sits on a student 360 Team, you will be on a team with a teacher and a member of the student’s family that be responsible for giving the student constructive feedback on their student portfolio of learning. You will be placed on a team with a student that shares common career or subject-area interests with you. Students will be reflecting on their learning from the previous semester and looking ahead to plans for the next semester. They will be responsible for addressing the state standards in which they have demonstrated competency, and for showing the 360 Team how they know they have met these standards. Your job as the community member is to ask open-ended questions to help guide the student to plan their next semester to effectively move them forward toward high school graduation and post-secondary thriving, particularly in the career field or area of study interest that you share in common.

if you are interested in joining a student for goal setting and review a few times a year, please visit:

Compass Community Collaborative School

Compass is a learner-centered, design thinking education model guiding 6-12 graders along a journey to find the genius within. Employing creative problem-solving and real-world, resiliency-building experiences, kids leave Compass with a portfolio, a post-secondary plan, and a clear path to becoming amazing young adults and impactful world citizens. 

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