Apply to be a HABITAT HERO – Receive recognition for your yard that supports wildlife

Are you a Habitat Hero? If you try to landscape (or wildscape) to attract and benefit birds, pollinators and other wildlife, then you could be a Habitat Hero! A Habitat Hero wildscape supports wildlife by: including diverse layers, provide shelter and nesting opportunities for wildlife, provides natural food (based in plants that provide food for wildlife in different seasons, especially those native to your area), offers water for drinking and bathing, are water-wise, energy-saving, and does not rely on regular use of chemical fertilizers and pesticides, and do not spread invasive species.

No wildscape is too small or large! Whether you have a large yard or a few pots on a balcony, are a public park or schoolyard garden, the one qualification is Habitat Hero’s believe in growing a healthy community.

It’s simple and free to apply: Visit and download the brief application.

If you are selected as a Habitat Hero, you will receive a beautiful sign to display in your yard, a gift card to High Country Gardens and a Colorado Wildscapes book, bragging rights in your neighborhood, and knowing you are helping stitch our fragmented landscapes back together, one wildscape at a time.

Send any questions and/or completed applications to Habitat Heroes Coordinator, Jamie Weiss at [email protected] no later than October 15, 2015.

Audubon Rockies protects birds and their habitats through advocacy, education and on-the-ground conservation. Where birds thrive, people prosper.

Audubon Rockies is a regional office of The National Audubon Society, with dedicated staff work in Wyoming and Colorado. The National Audubon Society works to protect birds and their habitats throughout the Americas using science, advocacy, education and on-the-ground conservation. Audubon Rockies is a nonprofit conservation organization.

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