Starlight Health is a Family Medicine practice launching in Fort Collins – July 2020. We offer a new approach to medicine that allows for unlimited office visits, home visits, and telemedicine visits, as well as extended visit times between 30-90 minutes for one low monthly cost. Different from a traditional practice – we contract directly with our patients and not insurance companies. Because of this, we can dramatically improve the care of our patients as well as offer steep discounts on labs, medications, and other services at near cost. Members of Direct Primary Care practices can often see substantial savings on their annual healthcare needs. We see all ages between 4 to end-of-life and have affordable plans for individuals, families, as well as employer groups.

Insurance is not required to join, however, we are best utilized by complementing a low premium / high deductible catastrophic insurance or health-share.

*Eligibility restrictions apply for recipients of Medicare, Medicaid, and other federally funded programs

For more information please see our website at: