New Business Alliance Aims to Transform Colorado’s Workforce and Boost Economic Mobility for Learners

Oct 18, 2023 | Member News

The Colorado Chamber of Commerce, Colorado Inclusive Economy, Colorado Succeeds, Colorado Technology Association, and Colorado Thrives have launched The Education to Employment Alliance to help shape the future of Colorado’s workforce and improve outcomes for Colorado learners.

The alliance represents thousands of companies from diverse sectors, geographies, and sizes, and convene a network of chambers of commerce, industry associations, and economic development roundtables to reach all 64 counties in Colorado.

A new report by this group highlights Colorado’s critical workforce challenges, from skills gaps and mismatches to missed opportunities for our state’s homegrown talent. It calls for the business community to cooperate with learning providers and government entities to work toward the five recommendations.
• Measure outcomes and direct funding to education and training programs that help graduates achieve sustainable careers
• Create regional talent development goals and action plans overseen by a workforce intermediary
• Realign the pathways offered in schools with the needs of employers
• Streamline and incentivize employer participation in career-connected learning opportunities
• Ensure education providers are focusing on the skills that students and employers need

The report also identifies potential policy solutions for each recommendation to implement change and bolster the state’s workforce.

To learn more about this work, please view slides or read the full report on our website.

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