Moving Supply Store Company Announces Sustainable Moving Solutions

Aug 6, 2019 | Member News

Rocky Mountain Box company offers delivery and pickup of rented, sturdy, plastic eco-totes that are stackable and used for moving. The company offers rental by phone or online.

Fort Collins CO: Rocky Mountain Box Company is pleased to announce that the online store provides environmentally friendly containers suitable for packing and storing items during relocation. The moving supply store is an independent operation in Fort Collins, CO servicing the Northern Colorado, Boulder, and Denver areas. The company specializes in the delivery and pickup of rented, sturdy, plastic “eco-totes” that are stackable and used for moving.

The company offers rental by phone or online and delivers totes to a customers door, designates the rental period, and picks up the totes when the move is completed. Wheeled dollies for stacking and moving the totes are provided, as well as dry erase labels on each tote. The totes are designed for easy gripping with built-in handles, have lock top lids, and feature grip bottoms. Additional moving supplies are provided, along with delivery and pickup.
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Customers of Rocky Mountain Box Company may rent their selected number of eco totes for their move by booking online or by phone. The company assists in helping to determine the estimated number of totes needed for a move, based on the size of the dwelling being vacated. Totes are made from sturdy plastic and feature easy-grip handles, traction bottoms, locking tops, and dry erase labels
on each one for easy identification of contents.

Rocky Mountain Box Company delivers eco-totes directly to their customers in Northern Colorado, Boulder, and Denver, and drops the totes right at the customer’s door. When the move is complete, the customer indicates they are done using the totes and the company then picks them up for no additional charge. Dry erase labels are featured on each of Rocky Mountain Box Company’s eco-totes and wheeled pallet dollies are available to move stacked totes. RMBC will even help to estimate the number of boxes which will be needed for the move.

Location and contact details are available at Rocky Mountain Box Company-Fort Collins, Boulder, and Denver.

Contact Info:
Company: Rocky Mountain Box Company
Address: 112 Harvard St., Fort Collins CO 80525
Phone: (970) 460-6112
Email: [email protected]