More Millennials Here Compared to Other Areas of Our Size

Jun 11, 2019 | Regional Focus

Last week I briefed a major business on the economy and demography of the two-county Larimer-Weld region. Some of the information has been shared in this space in the past, but you can find the most recent version here.

A few gems:

  • Compared to other areas of our size, on average we have more Millennials, fewer people in the near retirement age bracket, less racial diversity, an average number of military veterans, and less violent and property crime.
  • The current two-county labor force is 370,653 out of a total working age population of 534,830.
  • The two-county area population grew by 46 percent from 452,837 in 2001 to 661,975 today.
  • The area population will grow to over a million by 2036.

A hat tip to Amanda Repella at Larimer County and other area economic developers for pulling some of this data together.