Miramont Lifestyle Fitness announced today that its Central club, located at 2211 South College Avenue, Fort Collins, has become a Certified Medical Fitness Facility by the Medical Fitness Association, the country’s leading organization dedicated solely to medically integrated wellness and fitness facilities. Miramont Lifestyle Fitness is the only facility to be certified in the state of Colorado. This certification is a significant step forward in providing for the health of the entire community and to the individuals taking responsibility for their personal healthcare.

“This certification is a testament to our team of highly skilled fitness professionals and their dedication to health and wellness,” said Wellness Director for Miramont Lifestyle Fitness, Debby Gavato. “We are very proud of this recognition and achievement.”

This program is the first and only certification offered specifically to facilities in the medical fitness industry—an industry that serves over 4 million members worldwide. Based on the Medical Fitness Association’s internationally recognized Standards and Guidelines for Medical Fitness Facilities, the certification process involves an in-depth , on-site review of a facility’s adherence to the prescribed standards and guidelines. The certification process is an integral part of ensuring that facilities provide a high level of quality and safety in the programs and services they deliver in order for them to become fully integrated into the local continuum of health care. The Medical Fitness Association Facility Certification is recognized as a mark of excellence in the health and wellness industry.

“With the implementation of the Affordable Care Act and its impact on healthcare systems beginning to be realized, the industry is looking for ways to better manage and coordinate care for the communities they serve. As the incidence of chronic disease continues to rise, the need for more medically supervised, outcomes and

accountability based exercise as medicine programs have never been more relevant in our industry than today. It is clear that the task to produce and deliver this revolution in the provision of healthcare with all its necessary components and guidelines is a herculean task. Miramont Lifestyle Fitness has taken an important step towards filling a gap in the current care delivery model. The Time is Now to implement these accountable models of health that reduce the severity of chronic disease and improve the quality of life for those who participate!” said Robert D Boone, FACHE, FMFA, President and CEO of the Medical Fitness Association.

Miramont’s most notable wellness program is p.r.e.p.® which stands for Physician Referred Exercise Program. P.r.e.p. is a 60-day program that introduces patients to exercise and is designed to address their fitness and wellness needs in conjunction with a physician’s recommendations. Miramont has partnered with local health care providers who can prescribe exercise as medicine to their patients. The program is specifically designed to welcome patients in a comfortable environment by having them meet with medical fitness professionals twice every week in small groups. It is a joint effort to make a positive impact on those individuals who might feel intimidated by exercise or going to a gym.

Miramont’s wellness programs are available at each of their four locations, located in Fort Collins and Loveland.  Each wellness service is facilitated by a wellness professional, Registered Dietician, degreed Nutritionist, or Pilates Instructor. Programs also include: Cancer Wellness, Dare to Lose, Nutrition, Fitness 101, Healthy Weight, Healthy Back, Wellness Wednesdays and Workplace Wellness.Miramont will be hosting an Open House in April that will highlight many of their wellness programs. The Open House will include workshops, presentations demos (including Pilates) and screenings.

To learn more about Miramont’s wellness programs, visitwww.miramontlifestyle.com/wellness/.

The Medical Fitness Association is a not for profit member organization, whose purpose is to lead in the development and operational success of medically integrated fitness centers impacting the “global health continuum of care” by providing research, industry standards, operational guidelines, educational programming, benchmarking, outcome measurements, professional development, and networking opportunities accomplished through its webinar series, regional meetings, Medical Fitness Institute, Annual Conference and publications.ABOUT MIRAMONT LIFESTYLE FITNESS
Family-owned and operated since 1979, Miramont Lifestyle Fitness is committed to helping people choose to make the most of their fitness and wellness experience. The Miramont Lifestyle Fitness team works to engage, energize and inspire clients to explore the personalized fitness activities that are right for them, and to help them achieve their wellness and fitness goals. With four distinct locations, each with the services clients expect, but each with a unique culture and amenities to meet their personalized lifestyle, a personal fitness destination is easily within reach. For more information, please refer towww.MiramontLifestyle.com or call 970.282.1000.