Lorenz Fitness Personal Training Studio in Loveland, CO. teams up with Golf Dynamics Performance Center

Jun 20, 2017 | Member News

Press Release: Lorenz Fitness Personal Training Studio in Loveland, CO. teams up with Golf Dynamics Performance Center

June 19, 2017
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Robbin Lorenz, Lorenz Fitness Owner, TPI & NASM Golf Fitness Certified Personal Trainer
Phone: (970)699-6666
Email: [email protected]
Personal Training Studio in Loveland, Colorado inside Golf Dynamics Performance Center
Loveland,CO. – 6/1/2017 – Lorenz Fitness in Loveland, CO has teamed up with Golf Dynamics Performance Center. Both organizations are focused on the same one-on-one approach used by Lorenz Fitness. By teaming up with a TPI Golf Pro and adding K-VEST Wearable Biofeedback Technology to its offerings, Lorenz Fitness provides clients with movement analysis in tandem with movement screening to help achieve and maintain proper motion throughout your golf swing and improve your overall game performance. Lorenz Fitness along with Golf Dynamics offer the only TPI Golf Fitness Professional and Golf Professional team in Northern Colorado.
“Because fitness and golf are inseparable components of an overall strong golfers plan, this program brings our team approach full circle to helping clients achieve their goals and live a relativity injury free lives,” said Robbin Lorenz, owner of Lorenz Fitness in Loveland, CO. “We have always encouraged and provided guidance for moving well, but with Lorenz Fitness and Golf Dynamics we now have a solid, sensible program that compliments our golf fitness services and will help promote stronger results.”
The evidence-based program is developed from Titleist Performance Institute & National Academy of Sports Medicine by Robbin at Lorenz Fitness, a certified golf fitness specialist and personal trainer.
“My hope is that this program will give people the tools they need to move better become stronger in their everyday lives as well as play better golf,” said Robbin. “In today’s fast-paced society, it’s easy to let your fitness take a backseat. Lorenz Fitness is a way to take back control of your health, learn to move better and live better.”
For more information contact Lorenz Fitness in Loveland, CO., at (970)699-6666 or www.LorenzFitness.com.
About Lorenz Fitness.:
Established in 2012 in response to the growing demand for personal fitness training, Lorenz Fitness offers the latest in one-on-one personal training. Based in Loveland Colorado., Lorenz Fitness has teamed up with Golf Dynamics Performance Center Northern Colorado’s premier golf coaching facilities training since 2004 with the most advanced equipment, technologies as well as advanced education in the golf and golf fitness industry.